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Welcome To Smooth-EZ

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Introducing Our Limited Edition and Exclusive Design Lines.


Like our hoods but feeling the economy crunch, we are now offering our limited edition lines on select fabric styles.  These are pull on style hoods without all the bells and whistles and are available in very limited quantities.  These hoods are not available for wholesale pricing.  Click here to see the available fabric styles for these hoods.  These are made to order so therefore please ensure that you are ordering the right size as they are not returnable.

We have gone out of our way to bring you an exclusive fabric. These fabric designs can only be found in our inventory.  So want to impress with a hood that can not be purchased in any store, we have them here.  Email us for current sizes and pricing on these 3 exclusive fabrics. And watch as we add more to our inventory.

 All of our lycra product lines are made in Mini, Pony, and Horse sizes.  Our product line continues to grow as we expand out interests into other Equine Disciplines.  Here is a list of the quality items we offer to both the retail and wholesale markets. We here at Smooth-EZ HorseWear strive for excellence, that is why our trademark is "Outfitting Tomorrows Champions!"

Updates and product changes will be made periodically. Please be aware that some products may be available at one time and not at others.

Smooth-EZ Hood (Lycra Horse Hood):  We currently offer two types of Mane Tamers.  Our Pull On and our Premium Zippered Hood. Our Pull On Hoods are for the budget minded horse owners and they are mane tamers that you simply pull on the horse, these hoods are tapered at the shoulder and include a front yoke. These hoods are also often referred to as slinkies or sleazies. Our Premium Zippered Hood is for those that want the convenience of a chin to chest zipper and are priced slightly higher, they have the same features of our Pull On hoods but we install an 18 to 24 inch YKK Heavy Duty Low Profile Zipper with zipper guard. All of our hoods are intended to relax ,tame, and train a horses mane; while maintaining protection against the elements and pests.

Smooth-EZ BodySleeve (One Piece Head to Tail Design):  This is our original one piece design that covers from the head to tail also known as a full body sheet and blanket under liner . We have designed this as a combination hood and sheet that is sewn together with a minimum amount of seams. The intended use for our BodySleeve is to protect your horse from the elements, pest, and blanket rubs and burns. Our BodySleeve also assists in relaxing, taming, and training the horses mane.

Smooth-EZ BodySuit (Lycra Sheet):  This is our lycra/spandex sheet. This BodySuit is designed to be worn either with our without our Hood. The BodySuit is intended to protect your horse from the elements and provide a cover in which to keep your horse clean at any venue.

Smooth-EZ Shoulder Guard (Regular and Extended Neck Designs):  We currently offer two neck lengths of our shoulder guards. The standard shoulder guard, which covers only the shoulder of the horse, and our Extended Neck Shoulder Guard, which we have extended to cover a larger portion of the neck to accommodate the new style of blankets. Both of our guards are intended to protect your horse from blanket burns and rubs during times when you must blanket your horse.

Smooth-EZ Neck Sweats:  We currently offer several different styles of neck sweats for use in toning and shaping the neck on your show horses. All of our sweats are proven designs that will offer you all the necessary assistance that you need to sculpt the neckline.

Smooth-EZ Tail Protection (Tail Pouch, Tail Bag, Tail WrapZ):  We offer 3 different types of lycra tail protection. The first is our Tail Bag design, which is an exclusive Smooth-EZ HorseWear design. We also offer an original Tail Wrap design for those that like the braided tube style tail protection.  Finally, we offer the standard Tail Pouch protection.

Smooth-EZ Custom Rail Shirts and Show Shirts:  Smooth-EZ is proud to announce that we are now offering custom made Rail Shirts and Show Shirts in sizes ranging from child to plus size adults. These shirts are made to your specifications with numerous designs and fabric choices. Our Rail Shirts can be appliqu? with leather, suede, ultra suede or any other exotic fabric choice. Let Smooth-EZ be your manufacture for your one of a kind Show Shirt that will get you and your horse noticed in any show ring.

Smooth-EZ Roadster Silks and Racing Silks:  We now offer custom made Roadster Silks and Racing Silks in all sizes including youth. Choose from numerous amounts of quality silk designs or provide us with a design of your own. Our silks can be found on may tracks and shows throughout the U.S. and overseas.

Introducing the Magnetic Show Jewelry Product Line (Magnetic Number Holders):  We now offer a complete line of Magnetic Stock Pins and Magnetic Show Number Pins as well as other top quality items to complete your show outfit. 


All of our products are inspected before shipping , giving you added assurance of receiving the best quality EVERY TIME! We offer a 90 day guarantee that our products are free of any defects in workmanship or materials. If you receive your product with a defect in workmanship or materials email us for a Return Authorization Number and return the item upon inspection we will either replace or repair the item or issue a full refund. This guarantee does not cover any damage to the attire resulting from being worn, i.e. snags, tears, or any obvious problems resulting from horse play. Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees involved. Shipping fees are not refundable.  All custom order items can not be returned.

Smooth-EZ HorseWear is geared to making the best Lycra/Spandex hoods, BodySleeves, BodySuits, Shoulder Guards, and Custom Show Wear on the market today. Smooth-EZ has been around for several years, and some of the best farms in the area have been using our product for years. We are the most complete source for discriminating show horse clothing. Whether your representing your barn colors or just want your horse to stand out in a crowd, Smooth-EZ HorseWear is here to help. You can find our products online or in local tack stores throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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